Monday, 7 July 2014

Fashion And Health

Fashion is one of the most important things to note for any metropolitan woman of the 20th century. So for every woman in the mid 2014's fashion is very important, especially the beginnings of modem berbagaimacam ynga dressed in every country begins to develop. 

Fashion itself has a lot in various forums bahaw in beauty, fashion and various kinds of fashion began to evolve from year to year, including in Indonesia of course. Hijab Fashion is one trend emerging in Indonesia. and lately hijabers in Indonesia became one Moslem fashion benchmark in Southeast Asia because of the unique and creative in combining the veiled cloth. 

Exactly on the month of Ramadan Hijab again be one trend that can not be a disconnect subscription for Muslim women in Indonesia of course. 
But behind the fashion there are also health you should watch, fashion is one that you need to watch especially in the month of fasting and daily life. 

Health is one of the most vital things you need to watch because do not exist in lieu of health you have today. Keep your health at this time can be useful and can last until old age comes. 

Health in southeast Asia is still one major problem that needs to tackle, because there are some countries that still have not been able to menangai people in health issues especially in health awareness. Indonesian one that needs attention in health care in Southeast Asia. 

Almost more than 50% million more Indonesian population still do not get proper health care especially in the western part of the Indonesian population of Indonesia.

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